5 Asian Beauty Gurus You Should Subscribe to on YouTube

Whether you’re already a makeup goddess or a total beginner, you can always trust these beauty experts to amp up your game!

Getting beauty knowledge and updates has never been easier since YouTube came around. Beauty enthusiasts from all over the world would regularly upload creative and informative videos, reviewing the latest products and revealing the trendiest eye makeup.

But sometimes, it gets a little disappointing when beauty gurus based in other regions recommend a Holy Grail product that isn’t available locally or anywhere near us. There’s also the incompatibility where their skin types and living climates are different from ours. In order to solve this frustration, we’ve listed down five beauty YouTubers from Southeast Asia we think you should check out!


Singapore: Roseanne Tang

Listed as one of Singapore’s top beauty blogger and online influencers, Roseanne is a professional makeup artist that also runs a YouTube channel featuring makeup tutorials, beauty favourites and product comparisons with some occasional travel and lifestyle-based videos.


Indonesia: Elle and Jess Yamada

Widely known in the Indonesian fashion industry, the gorgeous sister duo gained their initial fame as fashion bloggers. But other than being stylish and running an online boutique, Elle and Jess also takes time to create adorable hair and beauty videos we can’t get enough of.


Philippines: Noe Mae Villagonzalo

With more than 60,000 subscribers, this makeup artist cum hairstylist’s YouTube channel also goes by the cheeky name “Colorismyweapon”. Whether you’re going for a sweet and casual look or a dramatic Halloween makeup, leave it to Noe and her varieties of step-by-step tutorials!


Thailand: Pearypie

mata Chittasenee, or better known as Pearypie, is a self-taught makeup artist with a fast-growing fanbase and a whopping Instagram followership of 990,000! She travels around the world frequently but would still find the time to upload one-of-a-kind tutorials on her YouTube channel.


Malaysia: Emily Quak

Ending it on a high note, our last-but-not-least favourite beauty guru is of course a Malaysian! A law graduate that recently moved back to Malaysia from Melbourne, this YouTube sensation provides her viewers with relatable and trustworthy beauty contents that can be as addictive as your favourite TV episodes.

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