5 Amazing Things Vitamin C Can Do to Your Skin

Just as we take it to protect our health and prevent ailments, Vitamin C also helps return skin to its healthy state.


1. Protects from free radicals

Vitamin C provides potent antioxidant protection, shielding skin from free radicals that promote premature ageing. Including Vitamin C in your skincare routine will give you the weapon you need to fight skin assaults.

2. Repairs imperfections

Acne scars, brown spots, red marks – thanks to Vitamin C’s natural healing properties, these marks visibly reduce and fade over time.

3. Increases collagen

Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen, which is important for creating firmer skin as well as healing wounds. With more collagen, skin is able to repair itself faster as well as help it maintain a youthful appearance.

4. Reduces sunburn

Research suggests that Vitamin C reduces the impact of UVB rays on skin, preventing the consequences of long-term sun exposure – which is why sunscreens loaded with Vitamin C give you better protection.

5. Boosts immunity

Besides strengthening your body’s immune system, Vitamin C gives skin extra protection from harmful aggressors. It stimulates skin’s defence function to work harder and better against damage.



This clear gel lets you reap the benefits of Vitamin C thanks to a formula that contains six per cent Vitamin C derivatives, hyaluronic acid and licorice extract. Vitamin C repairs skin by clearing blemishes and freckles while tightening, purifying and conditioning skin.

In addition to this hyaluronic acid helps prevent dryness and acne as well as moisturise and protect. Licorice extract helps soothe irritation for a healthy appearance.

The tube’s spot-on tip lets you apply the gel directly onto affected areas. Being clear and colour-free, the Hakubi White C Gel is suitable for day use as well.

Apply after moisturiser on targeted areas.


Picture credits: HAKUBI


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