4 Ways To Upcycle And Repurpose Your Beauty Products

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It’s time to clear the clutter!

We don’t mean dispose of all the unused, expired and damaged makeup cos they’ve still got a lot of life left to be revamped into something completely new.

It’s no secret that as makeup addicts, we love collecting beauty products whenever we have the chance. We make room for them on our dressing table but then are faced with a problem; what do we do with the old ones? It doesn’t seem right to throw them away, especially when there’s still a lot left inside. It’s a hard decision, but thankfully, there’s no need to resort to it! There are countless ways to turn them into something practical that can be used around the house, when you’re on the go and even for crafts! Here are some creative ways to repurpose your products:


We’re all guilty of letting our makeup go to waste, whether keeping it past its expiry date or accidentally cracking it and leaving the fragments idle. But don’t throw them away just yet! Instead, turn those powders into coloured pigments and use them to paint your sketches, give new life to furniture accents or jewellery and even create new nail polish colours.

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