4 Ways to Get Fabulous Hair in Your Sleep!

Now you can strut around and say #iwokeuplikethis, for real!

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Do you envy your friends who come to work early with perfectly hair?  What time do they get up? Can I do it without waking up super early? All this questions were probably running through your head then but we’ve got a couple of solution for you! The key to getting your hair to look fabulous in the early morning is to prep them up the night before. And here’s how:

Tangle No More

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Marilyn Monroe is one of the many Hollywood celebrities who sleeps with a satin or silk pillow case. The simple change of pillow case helps to maintain the beauty of your hair and skin. The fabric prevents your scalp from sweating while the softness of the fabric aids in the reduction of friction on your hair which will then lessen the knots and tangles come the morning after.

Faux Blowout

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Which over way you sleep, your hair is bound to flatten itself overnight. That’s not the look you’re going for, right? Well there are two ways you can inject volume to your hair; the first one is to just simply wash your hair and let it dry to about 30 percent and then sleep. The second method to poof up your mane is by tying your hair in a high ponytail with a soft fabric hair tie.

Soft Wave

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Want to add some body to your locks? Easy, just braid them! Section of your hair into a couple of sections and just do a normal French braid. The tightness of the braid depends on how define and prominent you want your waves to be. If you feel this is a hassle, you can do a top knot while you lie down; this is to create the waves only at the bottom part of your hair.

Curly Hair

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You’d think girls with curlier hair can get away with just fluffing up their hair in the morning and be out the door in a jiff. But that’s not the case. To maintain that lovely curls, you can either wrap your hair with a towel and sleep with it on or opt for a leave-in-conditioner and tie your hair in a bun. This way, your curly locks will be neater, manageable and super soft the next day.

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