4 Top Free Hairstyle Apps for iPhone and Android

Avoid the regret of a bad cut or dye job by testing it out first – with an app.


Photo: fanpop.com

How many times have you gone to the hair salon, perhaps printed out a reference to a desired style and had the stylist give the thumbs up, but only to end up with an un-hair-py ending? Yes, it happens to most of us and although we can always look through Pinterest for ways to save the do till it grows out of its horrible mess, isn’t prevention better than cure?

Whether you’ve been wanting to try out bangs or colour your locks a bright shade of red, these FREE virtual makeover apps are here to help you paint a clearer picture!

Psst… We decided to have the lovely Natalie Portman as our ‘model’ for this review!


ChouChou: Virtual Hair Makeover

Perhaps the most realistic virtual experience of the four, this app is perfect for those who have been lusting for a Japanese hairstyle. It’s easy to apply and adjust, and the coolest part is the photo will become animated (the person in the photo will actually blink and you can move her head) to give it a 3D effect. You can also choose between a few colours for the look.

Availability: iPhones only



Hair Color

Can’t decide if you want to go for bold brown or ravishing red? Let this app help make that decision for you! No chemicals required. Just adjust the green dots to outline your hair and it’ll ‘colour’ over your it without a pinch!

Availability: iPhones and Androids




No green dots or tracing needed. Somehow the app just automatically recognizes where your tuft of hair is and applies the ‘wig’ over it instantly and quite naturally.

Availability: iPhones only




Instead of staring at the photo of your favourite celebrity and her awesome hairdo, why not just try it on for yourself? This app does just that! And you can even change the hair colour at the same time.

Availability: iPhones and Android (Celebrity Hairstyle Salon)



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