4 Things You Need to Know About the New Chanel Makeup Collection

Our Editor-in-chief had the opportunity to play around with the new Chanel Fall makeup collection and she’s got all the details!

Chanel Makeup Collection Fall Le Rouge 1 Collection

Photo: Chanel

Lucia Pica, Chanel’s new Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer (finally!), launched her first collection recently in London, and I was there to play with it. It’s the Fall 2016 Le Rouge Collection No. 1, and, as the name declares, it’s ALL about the colour red.

Kristen Stewart wearing the new Chanel Makeup collection

Photo: Chanel

Now, I’m already a big fan of red lips, but there were some things about the collection, which features Kristen Stewart as its face, that surprised even me! So I had my makeup done there by the Chanel artists, conteng-ed around a bit with the colours and asked a lot of questions. Here’s what I found out:

Okay, so it’s not all strong, bad-ass reds in the collection. It also features taupe, a bronzy-red, maroon, a nude with an ever-so-soft hint of red glow, a pinky-salmon-y red and even a high-gloss plastic red that actually goes on nearly clear. Really, there’s a shade for every skin tone and every boldness level. You can actually apply a few things from the collection on your face at the same time and not look like you’re standing under a red lantern.

And then, the collection invites you to put red on some areas of your face you’d never think of. Like, there’s a copper-red eyeshadow in a pot that you’re supposed to put on your eyelids! Yes! I got the makeup artist to try it on me and it worked! It’s quite glam-Goth when you pair it with an ox-blood lip, actually. There’s also red eyeliner and you can wear it without looking like you have a viral fever. “Just pair it with some black”, the Chanel makeup artist said. So she smudge-lined a little of the red pencil liner (Style Yeux Waterproof in Eros) over the black pencil liner I already had on my lower lash’s roots. The result was a smudge-y, smoke-y, sexy look that didn’t look sickly at all! For more tips on wearing the collection, how to get Kristen’s look on the ad campaign, and an interview with Lucia, get the September 2016 copy of FEMALE magazine. More pictures there, too!

It could become a huge collector’s hit. Firstly, because Lucia’s been known in the industry for being a huge supporter of the colour red (she told us “putting on a red lipstick makes me happy”), so for her to do a red-themed collection for one of the world’s biggest makeup names? Big deal. Also, this is Lucia’s first collection for Chanel, and debut collections are always popular and will sell out fast, so you really need to make like a cheetah and run to the nearest Chanel counter near your office. Like, today. And then, although she’s a huge fan of the colour red (she practically lives in red lipstick), just like Gabrielle Chanel, Lucia says her next collection will not do reds. “I will change all the time.” So. This red-everywhere collection may NEVER. HAPPEN. AGAIN.

It’s inspired by the most fascinating experiments anyone has probably ever done in an effort to create makeup colours. One of these strange tests? Lucia and her team injected red ink into water to see the colour of the resulting cloud. They also blew red powder into the air and photographed how it looked in the sunlight. And what about flashing light through red jelly to discover the glow it created? All weird but wonderful. Lucia worked with photographers to take pictures of the effects, and it was shown at the launch event in London as an exhibition. Check them out here.

The price range for the collection is RM81 – RM160 and will be in stores today. To see all the products in the collection, click here.

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