4 Pretty Makeup Looks To Wear With Glasses

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We’ve gathered sure-fire makeup tricks to complement your fancy eyewear so you can flaunt your nerdy side; geek is the new chic!

What do Zooey Deschanel’s character in New Girl and Tina Fey’s in 30 Rock share? Besides being independent, intelligent and quirky, they both make wearing glasses their signature look…and women (as well as men) everywhere love it!

Admit it: there are lazy days when you just want to plonk on a pair of spectacles to hide a makeup-less face. But whether you wear prescription glasses or just want to rock frames for show, you don’t have to go nude on the face – trust us, even a little eyeliner and lipstick go a long way!

We’ve put together looks to wear to the office, party, after-work drinks and even for Saturday brunch, so no more avoiding makeup behind those glasses on your lazy days. Here’s our guide to looking fab and specs-tacular!

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