4 Micellar Shampoos You Should Try For A Thorough But Gentle Cleanse

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We’re no stranger to micellar water and its almost miraculous multi-use abilities, but what are micellar shampoos?

Just like makeup-removing micellar water, micellar shampoos contain special molecules called micelles that remove impurities, product build-up and dirt from the hair and scalp without stripping it of its own natural oils. The result is hair that’s clean but not dried out. Win win!

1. Pantene Micellar Shampoo

One of the newest and most accessible micellar shampoos on the market, Pantene’s new Micellar series comes in two options: Detox & Purify for normal  hair, and Detox & Moisturise for dry hair. Both deliver the same deep but gentle clean with a great long-lasting scent that managed to get rid of any dirt or smells while leaving hair super soft. The added cooling sensation from the mint was also a wonderful way to unwind at the end of a hot day!

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