4 Everyday Culprit Of Ageing Skin And How To Avoid Them

Work to fight ageing skin – learn how you can face your future with confidence!

External influences such as diet, lifestyle and the environment can cause over 80 percent of the visible signs of ageing. However, the phrase ‘age is just a number’ comes into play when you know how to help avoid signs of ageing from an early stage. Avoid these four key culprits to ageing skin and learn how you can take control of your skin’s future.

1. Sun

Exposure of unprotected skin to the sun, especially in our humid weather, can aggravate ageing. UVA and UVB rays damage skin’s collagen and elastin, leading to a lack of elasticity and firmness. The skin may become blotchy and dry, brown spots can appear, wrinkles may increase and sagging may occur.

2. Cigarette Smoke

It doesn’t matter if you’re the smoker or the smoker’s friend; exposure to cigarette smoke has been shown to significantly increase skin wrinkles and dryness, damaging skin and quickening its ageing in the process.

3. Alcohol

We all enjoy a good drink every now and then, but keep in mind that this little indulgence can cause you to appear older. Alcohol dilates small blood vessels in the skin and increases blood flow near the skin’s surface. These blood vessels can become permanently damaged over time, creating a flushed appearance and broken vessels on the surface of your skin.

4. Nonexistent Exercise

It’s common to make excuses for not exercising, but remember that a lack of physical workouts contributes to ageing skin. Exercise is vital for maintaining optimum bodily functioning. It gets your blood flowing and tones muscles, giving you a youthful radiance. Besides the physical aspect, a regular exercise programme is also projected on your face. An energetic smile will make you look younger, no matter how old you are.

Adapted from the print issue.

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