4 Cleansing Oils I Tried That Earned A Spot On My Beauty Shelf

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Fight oily skin with cleansing oils? Yes, you read that right! 

For someone who has oily-combination skin, the thought of using oil on my face sounds like a scary ordeal. Essential oil, face oil, cleansing oil – none of them had a chance of getting close to my skin. I had relied on Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser for the longest time and I believe everybody who struggles with oily skin will agree with me that switching to or trying out a new product can be absolutely daunting.

For years, I’ve been told to cleanse my face as thoroughly as possible to remove every bit of bacteria, dirt and excess sebum, especially on days when I have makeup on. I had my go-to Garnier Micellar Water which I used to gently remove my makeup before cleansing my face but not long after using it, I realized that I needed something stronger to thoroughly clean my pores.


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Enter, cleansing oil. I first came across this after a friend of mine raved about how well it transformed her acne-prone skin to the now clear and baby-like skin that she has. I was extremely reluctant to give cleansing oil a try because I was convinced it would only make my skin oilier. Soon, I learnt that since oil dissolves oil, it’s an ideal solvent that would quickly remove makeup and draw excess sebum out of pores while it replenishes your skin with clean and nourishing oil to balance out its pH level.

How exactly do you incorporate cleansing oil into your skincare routine?

It’s perfectly fine to use a cleansing oil instead of a face was provided your skin doesn’t react negatively to it. However, I love to use it as part of the double-cleansing method I learnt from Korean skincare routines which uses an oil-based cleanser to clear out debris and impurities from the pores followed by a regular foam, gel or water-based cleanser to clean the skin further.

The process seems very straight-forward but after practising it for three months, I was truly shocked at the positive results. It may not have cleared my breakout problem once and for all but it certainly reduced the number of whiteheads and blackheads significantly.

Over the years, I had a fair share of different cleansing oils to try and these are the top four that have earned a spot on my beauty shelf.

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