3 Ways To Wear Micro Braids

Delicate plaits!

They’re fuss-free, romantic and a great way to add interest to your hairstyle! Here, we  unveil three ways to incorporate the micro braid into your day-to-day looks.

Photography: TPG Images/Click Photos

1. Pretty Petals

You can easily take this look from a Sunday breakfast shindig to evening drinks with your girls afterwards. It’s fashionably feminine but not too OTT that you’ll feel out of place wherever you are. Include thin, fresh (or plastic – your choice) vines when doing your standard three-strand plait and complete your look by clipping in tiny fl owers to your locks. Oh-so pretty!

2. Let ‘Em Loose

For an effortless but stylish look, try a relaxed, centrepart hairdo taccented by four diffused micro braids (two on each side) to frame the face. TIP! When recreating these braids, make sure to run hair mousse through your strands fi rst so they don’t easily fall apart when you style your hair.

3. Wear It Up

The easiest way to give life to an otherwise regular updo is with braids that can give texture to your hairstyle. Try adding two twists on each side of your head. Before tying up your hair, make sure to evenly run finishing oil through it to minimise flyaways while nourishing your strands at the same time.

From the print edition. Original text by Sarah Hani Jamil.