3 Videos That Show You The Differences Between Japanese And Korean Beauty

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Japanese and Korean beauty may look similar at first glance. There’s a lot they have in common – the focus on hydration, clear skin, natural features – but there are also some subtle and key differences between the two. Join us as we dive into what makes them different and unique!


1. The skincare routine

You’re probably familiar with Korean skincare by now, but if you aren’t, remember the 10-step skincare routine.  Now, a Korean skincare routine isn’t strictly made of 10 steps, but the multiple layers of hydration combined with concentrated targeted treatments can result in a slightly lengthier routine than a Japanese one, which is more minimalist.

At its most basic, the Japanese skincare routine can be as quick as 3 steps – a wash, lotion (a hydrating toner), and moisturiser. All-in-one skincare products that combine the effects of a toner, essence, moisturiser, and even UV protection are popular too.

However, both Japanese and Korean beauty make use of the double cleansing method and sheet masks. For more details, be sure to watch the discussion below!


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