3 Steps That’ll Have You Looking Like A Walking Hair Commercial

Great hair starts with the scalp.

There’s always that one girl who looks like a walking hair commercial, flaunting bouncy, lustrous locks that you so admire. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can be that girl. It all lies in a few scalp-care habits!

Photo: @choisyeon / Unsplash

1.  Invest in shampoo time

Just like how you’d thoroughly cleanse your face of the day’s grime, your scalp also needs just as much care to effectively remove salt, sweat, and oil. But as satisfying as it feels to scrunch a huge dollop of shampoo onto our hair, it’s best to keep it to a 50-sen sized blob, lather up, and apply just on your scalp. Conditioner is enough for the ends of your hair. This is so you won’t dry out your hair ends and are left with squeaky-clean strands that still feel soft.

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2. Massage your scalp

It’s no secret that good blood circulation helps detoxify and promote a healthier scalp. And if you’re thinking that means committing a lot of time to massage your head, think again! The best time to do it is in the shower; as you shampoo, take a minute or two to massage and loosen up dead skin cells while increasing circulation.

3. Apply a nourishing scalp serum

Yes, there are serums for your scalp now! Formulas like Shiseido Professional’s The Hair Care Adenovital Advanced Scalp Essence can stimulate hair growth in resting root cells, nurture strong hair development, and prevent hair loss and dandruff. Like your face serum, massage a serum on twice a day to keep your scalp nourished and you’re good to go!

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