3 Sensitive Skin Myths That’s Totally Busted!

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If you’re blessed with flawless skin, you’re lucky. But for many of us, skin and sensitivity go hand in hand like burgers and fries or strawberries and creams.

Sensitive skin differs for many people, some might experience it more that others. Sensitive skin can either be hereditary or a combination of factors such as allergies, medication, harsh weather or drastic change in temperature. Besides that pollution, dust, or cosmetics and skincare can contribute to it as well.

Before you go and lump yourself in the corner, know that you don’t have to put up with sensitive skin for the rest of your life. Here, we’ve busted some of the biggest myths about skin sensitivity:

#MYTH1: You can’t exfoliate sensitive skin

Busted: You can (and should) exfoliate but just not as regularly and not in a harsh manner! Instead of opting for a coarse scrub, use ones that are super-fine powder scrub to buff your dead skin cells. Try to do rubbing motion instead of scrubbing for a gentler approach. If you like, you can opt to do a DIY exfoliation, take a handful of rough oats and wrap it in muslin cloth, tie it and use it in the shower in circular motion over your skin, you’ll get smooth skin in no time!

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