3 Reasons To Start Air-drying Your Hair

Save your hair from being fried with these products that only require you to air-dry.

Can’t live without your hair dryer? Neither can us! Quick question: how many times a week do you blow-dry or heat-style your hair? If the answer is more than thrice, we’re afraid your precious tresses aren’t going to be the healthiest. Sure, it gives you more control over your hairstyles throughout the week, but is it really worth all the damage (read: rough and dull locks due to broken hair cuticles to stripping moisture off hair and making it more susceptible to split ends) in the long run? While blow-drying has its benefits, here are three reasons to opt for the au naturel way:


1. It Saves Time

Air-drying has its advantages. For starters, you don’t need to spend too much time and effort (drying hair section by section) when you’re getting ready in the morning. Great for those absolutely pressed for time!

2. You Get Quick & Effortless Styling

If you’ve always wanted to sport that nonchalant ‘it’ girl hairstyle, your hair dryer isn’t going to give you that. Simply let your locks dry naturally and style it without heat for the most relaxed results.

3. No Heat Involved

The best part about air-drying is not exposing your strands to any heat. Taking a break from blow-drying and heat styling tools will allow your hair to recover and regain its natural glory.


No Blow Dry? No Big Deal! 

Cue the drum roll: Redken is introducing a new range of air dry stylers that’ll allow you to enhance the natural texture of your tresses sans heat. How? By using its Air-Tex technology with flexible and quick-dry polymers for faster drying time and better control.

For Fine Hair

If your locks lack body, this lightweight lotion will provide it the volume and texture it needs – stat.

Airy Cream 150ml, RM64

For Medium Hair

Like its name suggests, this cream will give you the right balance by letting your tresses move freely but with controlled motion.

Just Right Cream 150ML, RM64

For Coarse Hair

Got a thicker mane that’s harder to manage? This styler will tame frizz and flyaways to ensure your hair behaves.

Bossy Cream 150ml, RM64


Psst… even blogger, Cherrie Mun is a fan!

“As a frequent traveller, packing the right beauty products and hair tools are so important to me. Even better if they save time and space! Which is why the Redken No Blow Dry cream is my go-to travel hair product. It’s for people who are short of time or can’t be bothered to use a hair dryer. Just apply it on wet hair and let it dry naturally for results that are similar to getting a blowout.”


Here are three styles to try with Redken’s No Blow Dry cream:

  • Loose beach waves: Create one loose braid and let it air-dry. Undo the braid and shake it out.
  • Bouncy waves: Get more volume by twisting your hair into a high topknot. After it dries, undo the style and gently brush.
  • Tousled waves: Twist hair into two low buns and air-dry. Undo both buns and run your fingers through.


Plus, check out the cute ad campaign featuring model, Sara Cummings, that was shot in NYC: