3 Effective Ways To Control Cellulite

Thankfully, Clarins has hired a new ‘coach’ to effectively ‘train’ our cellulite.   

Everyone can fall prey to the dreaded orange-peel skin, regardless of age and size. In fact, don’t be surprised that even skinny women below the age of 25 (including teens!) are also part of this demographic. Truth is cellulite doesn’t discriminate! Moreover, Clarins recently discovered that there isn’t just one but three types of cells that are responsible for that streaky skin on our arms, belly, boobs, buttocks and thighs – they’re called adipocytes. Adipo what you ask? They’re basically cells that thrive on sugar and fat, and gradually expand and cause spongy-looking skin. Here’s the low-down on the three types:


Fat-storing adipocytes: Also known as the main culprit behind cellulite’s vicious circle, they can multiply to store an increasing amount of fat.

Fat-burning adipoctyes: They continually burn lipids in the body to generate energy, but when your calorie intake is higher than needed their activity reduces, leading to the thickening of adipose (fatty) tissue.

Fibre-producing adipocytes: These cells produce collagen fibres used in the structure of the adipose tissue, but when excess fibres are produced and accumulate, the skin becomes rigid, ‘imprisoning’ the fatty mass within and making it more difficult to remove.


But don’t stress just yet! Achieving your #bodygoals is still possible, thanks to the all-new Body Fit lotion by Clarins. It’s a lifting and firming product that works as an anti-cellulite contouring expert – think of it as your skin’s personal trainer that’ll whip the stubborn, spongy skin back in shape while reducing the unsightly appearance of lumps and bumps. Headlining seven other plant extracts in its formula is quince leaf extract, which has been scientifically proven to enhance the fat-removal activity of fat-storing adipocytes, increase the activity of fat-burning adipocytes and influence the fibre-producing adipocytes to produce less fibre – all of which will allow you to have a better-shaped silhouette!


That’s not all. A study was even conducted on 101 Asian women over a four-week period and the results* are real: 84.5 per cent said their skin felt firmer, 73 per cent said their skin felt lifted and 81 per cent said their overall skin quality improved! Want to reap the same benefits? Then we suggest combining your #ClarinsBodyFit beauty ritual with these healthy habits:


1. Pre- and Post-shower Massage

Before you hop into the shower each morning, spend a few minutes massaging your skin with a dry body brush. This helps improve blood circulation while evenly distributing and breaking down fat tissues. In the shower, exfoliate your skin with the Smoothing Body Scrub to slough away dead skin cells and prep the skin to fully absorb the #BodyFit lotion. Post-shower, apply the Body Fit lotion on the affected areas. Pro tip: to add more pressure, make fists with both hands and glide them firmly on your abdomen, hips or thighs.


2. Eat Well…

especially at breakfast! Your body has been ‘starving’ for more or less eight hours when you’re sleeping, so feeding it the right nutrients is essential to rebuild healthy skin cells. Besides getting your source of protein from eggs, you may also opt for a delicious red smoothie containing dragonfruit, berries, beetroot and even red pepper. After all, red fruits and veggies are rich in lycopene and vitamin C to protect cells from potential damage.


3. Walk More

Set a goal of at least 10,000 steps a day. You don’t have to own a fitness tracker to do this; just install a pedometer app on your smartphone to track your steps. For an extra challenge, take the stairs instead of the lift if you live in an apartment – this tiny change will give your buns an added lift! To further contour your curves, try exercises like donkey kicks, burpees, squats and crossed-leg crunches that target the glutes.


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*Results in percentage are expressed as a level of satisfaction