Chic Time-Saving Hairstyles To Do When You’re Running Late!

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We’ve shown you how to master the tricks to getting your makeup and skincare done quickly for that late morning rush. But what about hair? How does one look cute and still be on time? Whether it’s for work, date night or running errands, take on one of these quick (3 minutes tops!) inspired by blogger Margo and Me to get you prepped up and ready in a jiffy!


1. No heat waves


If you know you’re going to be late tomorrow and have little to no time to get your hair done opt for the heatless route. There are a few ways you can curl your hair sans the heat but our favourite one has to be the twisted double bun. To start, section your hair into two parts. Then twist the hair away from the face and forming a low bun under your ear and secure with an elastic, repeat on the other side. In the morning, just take the hair down and lightly comb through it and voila, pretty curls in no time!

Tip! For a more defined and long lasting curl, wash your hair the night before and create the bun with a towel dried hair.

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