3 Brow Styles We Love Right Now And How To Get Them With The Benefit Brow Styler

We’ve heard it all before: brows frame the face.

And just like a picture frame, different frames bring out different characteristics of a painting, and it’s always fun to experiment with different brow styles to see how it transforms the face.

With the upcoming launch of the new Benefit Brow Styler, a nifty 2-in-1 brow tool available in 8 shades, I’ve been spending my time thinking about what brow styles I’d like to try!

The Brow Styler has a waterproof wax pencil on one end to sculpt, define and shape the brows. On the other, a loose filling powder with a custom designed applicator builds soft, natural volume, so mixing and matching to create the style you want is a breeze.

1. Soft & Full

I like to call this the low-maintenance weekend brow, which means it’s a look I’d wear the most! As the name suggests, it’s an easy, natural look that softens the face and is just as easy to do. Simply brush the loose powder directly under your brow hairs, focusing on sparse areas. The powder in the Brow Styler adheres wonderfully to skin, so building up volume is foolproof. I’d be happy to wear it just like this, but you can also do a quick brush-through with brow gel to hold hairs in place.

2. Clean & Shaped

Ah, the neat, defined brow. If the previous look was good for weekends, this is a style you’ll love to rock to the office. It’s still easy to do (fill in brow hairs with light strokes of the wax pencil, focusing on the arch for shape) and the 18-hour-wear waterproof formula in the Brow Styler means you won’t have to worry about your brows the whole day. To soften any harsh edges, particularly at the front of the brow, comb through with a spoolie brush.

3. Bold & Defined

This is a style I’d reserve for special occasions: events, dinners, any time you want to really make a statement with your brows. Combining both the volume and definition of the previous two looks, this style is perfect for calling attention to your brows, or to compliment a really full face of makeup. Start with the powder to create fullness and volume, then define it further with the wax pencil. A little bit of concealer or highlighter applied just under the brow on the brow bone will create an even cleaner and sharper look!

See the brow styles and the Benefit Brow Styler in action below:

The Benefit Brow Styler (RM179) will be available at all Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia counters and outlets on 10 October 2019.