10 Care Tips for Combination Hair

Having both oily scalp and dry ends is a nightmare. But you can manage the problem by eating right and adding a little TLC to your daily haircare routine.

Your scalp is oily and super-sebaceous but your hair remains dry as a bone. That’s every combination hair girl’s crisis. Don’t worry your not the only one. It’s quite common especially for those with long, curly or frizzy hair.

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So what’s causing it?

What you’ve got to know about combo hair is actually our body has its own natural way to combat dryness on the hair. It’s known as sebum. Sebum is the oil secreted from your scalp. So it’s purpose is to add moisture to your hair but the downside is that your hairline can get rather greasy. To prevent oily scalp and dried-out ends in one go, try these tips:

1. Eat a balanced diet containing mineral supplements.

2. Keep sun and wind exposure to a minimum as both can dry out your hair and cause oil and bacteria build-up on your scalp. Heading out? Apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair ends to prevent them from drying.

3. Reduce your intake of alcohol and quit smoking. Seriously!

4. Avoid using heat treatments excessively as they tend to dry hair out. Instead, save you hair from being fried by air drying them.

5. Make a mixture of an egg white, one tablespoon of honey and two teaspoons of almond oil. Apply on your scalp and hair, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. It is a wonderful mask for combination hair.

6. Include sources of vitamin A such as carrots, tomatoes, leafy vegetables and dairy into your diet to naturally fight excess sebum production.

7. Avoid scratching your scalp or touching your hair too much, especially your bangs. This will make them greasier, and the bacteria from your bangs will transfer to your skin, causing breakouts. Yikes!

8. Don’t over clean hair as this will strip your scalp of all the sebum it needs to protect hair. If the scalp detects a lack of sebum it will only produce even more.

9. Talk to your stylist, who may have recommendations for products or techniques for your condition, and hairstyles that dry naturally, reducing your need for blow drying.

10. Chemical treatments like colouring or perming can cause an oilier scalp and drier hair. Stay away from these treatments and adhere to proper combination hair care.


Taken from print issue.

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