10 Botox-Free Techniques for Full, Plump Lips, According To A Makeup Artist!

Full and plump lips have been linked with sex appeal through the decades. Brigitte Bardot in the ‘60s and Angelina Jolie in the ‘90s may be the OGs of the lush and sexy pout, but it didn’t stop there. More recently, Kylie Jenner showed up with lips that suddenly appeared much fuller and it sent her fans on a frenzied search for ways to plump up their lips. Celeb peers, Ashley Tisdale and Ellie Goulding are also sporting lips that are now much fuller than before – this tells us that the trend for full and sexy lips is still going strong.

Photo: Unsplash

While some of us may opt for botox or fillers, many of us would prefer to get plump lips through non-invasive means. The results may not be as dramatic as those achieved through surgical procedures, but hey, they’re pretty decent and most importantly, less painful. We asked makeup expert Geraldine Loy from GLOY @ Artists At Work to share industry secrets for achieving the perfect plump pout.

1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Exfoliation boosts blood circulation in lips so they’re a great way to plump lips. It also softens and conditions by gently removing dry skin, leaving lips supple and smooth. Using a lip scrub, gently massage lips using small, circular motions. We love Lush’s Bubblegum Lip Scrub, RM53 and Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish, RM103 because they taste delicious and leave lips looking soft and plump!

2.Apply Cinnamon, Wasabi or the Heavyweight…Chilli!

“Use wasabi or cinnamon mixed with Vaseline, olive oil or your favourite lip gloss,” Geraldine advises. Cinnamon makes lips look fuller because it has warming qualities that promotes circulation in lips, while the mildly spicy heat from wasabi acts as a gentle lip volumiser. If you would like the fullest lips possible, go for the strongest of these natural lip plumpers – chilli powder.

3. Maximise Your Lips

Lip plumping glosses and balms add volume to lips and are moisturising as well. We love Dior’s Lip Maximizer (RM132) because they plump lips with 24-hour hydration and care for them in one efficient swipe. Besides being beautifully hydrating, Dior’s Lip Glow (RM132) comes in three different lip-enhancing finishes (original, matte and holographic).

4. Try This Lip Liner Trick

If glosses aren’t your thing, try overlining – lining over your lip line with a lip pencil for lips that ooze sex appeal. Next, fill in with your favourite lip colour in a shade matching your liner. Done!

5. Use A Highlighter

After applying lipstick uniformly on lips, dab highlighter (Geraldine recommends Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter, RM158) in the centre of lips as well as on the cupid’s bow. Its light-reflecting qualities create the illusion of fuller lips – a great way for lips to shine at a club or an event.

6. The Toothpaste Mask

This is an easy one because we all have toothpaste at home! Apply a thick layer and leave on for about one minute. Buff lightly with a warm wet towel to remove. You’ll love how tingly your lips will feel as well as how lush they’ll look.

7. Pamper Your Lips

Here’s what to do if your lips are parched and in need of attention – pamper them with a nourishing treatment! “It’s important to apply a hydrating balm or lip treatment at least three times a day as dry lips will look thinner,” shares Geraldine. Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask (RM75) contains hyaluronic acid mineral network to gently melt away dry skin from lips and plump them up with moisture while you sleep. She also loves MAC’s Lip Conditioner (RM81) – a dermatologist-tested, emollient balm that locks in moisture.

8. Try Some Minty Goodness

If you’re wary of wasabi, chilli and toothpaste and would prefer something less radical, try a good old stick of peppermint balm. It works the same way the toothpaste mask does, except it’s gentler and conditions lips as well.

9. Conceal And Contrast

This technique will really help your lips pop! “After putting on lipstick, apply concealer around your lip line to help lips stand out (and appear bigger).” Make sure to carefully blend concealer into skin for a seamless appearance.

10. The Thin White Line(r)

“On naked lips, draw a block about one to 1.5cm wide at the centre of your upper and lower lips with a white lip liner. Next, fan out and smudge the lines of the block with your finger to soften the look,” says Geraldine. Top lips with some plumping lip gloss for a perfectly-polished finish. Drawing a lighter-coloured block in the centre gives lips the illusion of depth and dimension, she explains. You can check out the tutorial here.