S for Silk Intense Lipstick!

Another month, another beauty product to go gaga over.

South Korean beauty brand, Laneige has launched its reformulated Silk Intense Lipsticks, and if you have doubts about how “silky” these babies are, read on!

There are three upgraded main components that give the lipstick that smooth yet rich punch:
1) Ultra Micronized Pigment (UMP) that creates a more vivid colour
2) Multi-Layered White (MLW) that enhances the lipstick’s brightness, and adds more colour dimension 3) Branced Copolymer that gives a soft and luxurious texture.

Although there are thirty shades available across all Laneige beauty counters and stores in Malaysia, the two shades that really caught our attention are none other than The Exotic Yellow & Forest Fantasy colours – primarily used to tone up or tone down your lip colour.

Stay tuned for the full story in our May’17 issue, but in the meantime, check out some of the other shades available in stores. Each lipstick retails at RM85 – happy shopping!


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