#MYSUPERFEMALE: Winnie Cheng – 3D Artist

“My biggest challenges are my own insecurities as I have to convince myself and others out there that my art is actually worth something.” – Winnie


“I used to work as a graphic designer when I was in Brunei. But I realised that the nine-to-six job didn’t suit me,” says Eryn. Her passion is creating 3D artwork from a combination of pen and ink drawing, watercolours, acrylic painting and paper-cutting. If you’re wondering how anyone can make a living out of it, think again!

After completing her Masters in Arts in 2013, Eryn moved from Brunei to Malaysia to explore her options and joined the Sembilan Art Residency Program (it offers artists a studio and living space for three months and in return, they’re expected to produce as many art pieces as possible).

Starting out as a nobody

“I produced 12 pieces of art work with my residency partner, Ajim Juxta, a local virtual artist. I also participated in the UOB Painting of the Year Award and won the Emerging Artist Gold Award in Malaysia in 2015.”

“My parents were very apprehensive when I told them I wanted to do this for a living. I understand why because you can’t make money from producing art in your bedroom! But I’ve realised that how you market yourself is important.”

“I started as a nobody but by joining Sembilan, I got in touch with the relevant people in the industry and found my pathway. I also discovered the importance of having an Instagram account, where you can showcase your work and get to know more people.”

Future plans

“My biggest challenges are my own insecurities as I have to convince myself and others out there that my art is actually worth something.

Instagram has also helped me, whereby people who have seen my work have given me their honest feedback. It has also helped me connect with other artists from around the world!” explains Eryn.

She is in the midst of completing another three-month programme at the Rimbun Dahan Art Residency at Hotel Penaga in Penang. Here she’ll be creating a series of artworks that will help her hold her own solo art exhibition in May this year at the Run Amok Gallery, also in Penang.

On her future plans, Eryn admits she would love to collaborate with a fashion or beauty brand.  Her hope is for them to feature her artwork on their packaging but she doesn’t want to stray too far from producing the artwork itself.

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