This Traveler Packed 100 Items Into Her Carry On Bag!

You think it’s not possible to pack 100 items into a carry on? Maybe this woman’s tips will help you pack your whole closet into a bag.

How To Pack Over 100 Items Into a Carry On YouTube

Ah, as much we keep on telling ourselves to not overpack before packing, we always do. Sometimes you just wish you can just pack your whole closet at a go, or maybe you can? It’s all about the way you pack in our suitcase!

World traveler and jet setter Rachel Grant uploaded a video of her packing 100 items including her clothes, shoes, and toiletries into an average sized carry-on and shared a few tips on how she packed her items!

Her tips of packing all these items are using elastic bands to secure rolled up clothes and fitting them into zip-lock bags to save space, filling shoes with balls of socks to retain the shape of shoes, and choosing clothes that have similar shapes and are made of lightweight fabrics. Now you know the secret to pack 100 items to travel so you won’t run out of clothes to wear!