Why You Should Stay At This Futuristic Hotel The Next Time You Visit Singapore

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3. Functionality at its best

If there’s one thing I’d applaud YOTEL for, it’s their ability to make full use of a small space. The room I stayed in was the Premium Queen View, and while it was only 13sqm in size, it was just adequate enough for a single traveler like me. I’ve read a few reviews commenting about how the size was too small for comfort, but to be honest, I think that it doesn’t matter. You’re in Singapore after all, not in the Maldives. Most of your day is probably going to be spent outdoors anyways, so what’s important is the bed you lie on at night because God knows you need a good rest after all that sight-seeing.

Which brings me to my next point: the bed.

You even get a full view of the city! Just remember to close the blinds when you shower.


One minute it’s a sofa and the next it’s a bed! There are 610 rooms (cabins, they call it) at YOTEL and all of them are fitted with the adjustable SmartBedTM with super comfortable Serta cool action gel memory foam mattress. Let me tell you, your body will definitely get the rest it needs with this bed.

Each room features a Smart TV that allows you to connect your device and cast your favourite shows, movies, music and sports from Netflix and many more!

Another thing that impressed me was all the hidden spaces that can be found at every nook and cranny. Those panels in the wall next to (and under) the TV can be opened to reveal more storage options, multiple power sockets, ironing board, umbrella and hooks to hang your clothes. Talk about looking sleek yet functional. A smart-sized room indeed!

Besides that, be rest assured that each room comes equipped with all the basic amenities every traveler needs. Complementary bottled water, electronic laptop safe, foldable chair, hairdryer, kettle, mini writing desk and mini fridge. You name it, they probably have it! If not, just call Yoshi or Yolanda to send it up to you…

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