Why You Should Stay At This Futuristic Hotel The Next Time You Visit Singapore

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It’s new, affordable, central, and has robots that deliver goodies to your room! What more can a lady ask for?

There are many reasons why I love Singapore, but if there’s one thing that makes me hesitate visiting each time, it’s how expensive everything is after conversion. You’d know what I’m talking about if you’re Malaysian.

Which is why every time I visit, I will book hotels or Airbnbs that are out of the city centre just because it’s cheaper. “As long as there’s a MRT station nearby, it doesn’t matter”, I tell myself. But after this recent trip where I got to stay at YOTEL, I realised that convenience and safety isn’t something we need to skimp on – especially if you’re a female travelling solo.

1. Affordable luxury

YOTEL started out as an airport hotel chain known as YOTELAIR in Europe, but today, the brand has expended their first class airline-inspired hotel room concept to big cities worldwide – with Singapore being their first Asian destination.

Launched just last October, YOTEL Singapore has since gained good reviews thanks to their “intuitive service”, “no-frills experience”, and most importantly for being “fun and trendy.” While I appreciated how clean and new the hotel facilities were (given it is under a year old), the cool white / purple spaceship-like interior also made me feel like I had been transported to a different dimension.

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