Top 5 Safest Countries For Solo Female Travellers

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The world isn’t as scary as you might think!


Ahoy there, wanderluster. Has it been difficult to contain your thirst for adventure, with your travel bucket-list growing month by month? Wait, what’s stopping you? If it’s money, there are work and travel programs for Malaysians. If it’s your fear of travelling alone and the possible dangers in an unknown place, then pack your bags, young lady; cos these countries are perfectly safe for the solo female traveller and they’re waiting for you to explore their national treasures!


Iceland is about 20 hours away by air and it has so much more to offer than just plain freezing ice and majestic volcanoes. In winter, it’s the perfect place to witness the Northern Lights with an out-of-this-world landscape-backdrop.

You can also drop by Reykjavik and check out the Blue Lagoon for an indulging dip in the geothermal spa as well as to discover all the breathtaking waterfalls there.

As for safety, it’s perfectly safe with a low-to-no crime rate. Admittedly, while Icelandic words may be super hard to pronounce, there’s no language barrier as everyone there speaks English!

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