Sir Richard Branson Becomes An Air Stewardess for A Day

He donned the red hot uniform (including the fishnet stockings and high heels), put on makeup and even had his legs shaved just for the role.

The third wealthiest man in the fashion world, also more popularly known as the founder and chairman of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, recently fulfilled his lost bet from 2010 with Tony Fernandes and became an air stewardess for a day aboard an AirAsia X flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur.


And there to be served exclusively by him was Tony himself, though the Group CEO of AirAsia probably regretted the idea as the new rookie ‘stewardess’ dropped an entire tray of drinks on his lap. Upon his ‘mistake’, Fernandes called him a ‘rubbish’ stewardess and immediately fired him upon landing near Kuala Lumpur.

“I wanted to kill him actually,” said Fernandes to the reporters after the little prank.


When the flight landed, Branson said, “We’re having a good laugh. I think I’ve honoured my side of the bet and I’m delighted Tony’s reciprocated by going to space and we’ve raised lots of money for charity, so we’ve had a fun day.”

While his dress-up and antics were quite a sight to see, his flight safety demonstration was probably the highlight for any of the lucky passengers on board. Check it out below!

Source: NYDailyNews

Sir Richard Branson finally fulfilled his lost bet penalty last weekend as he dressed up as an air stewardess, makeup and all, aboard an AirAsia X flight from Perth to KL. And of course, like any other flight attendant, he had to demonstrate a safety demo – only he did his own version.