5 Offbeat, Fun Things To Check Out In Langkawi!

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Take a short hike through the Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden) Marble Geoforest Park

Some of these steps are a little strenuous, but worth the climb!

If you’ve seen the Disney movie Moana, you might remember the goddess Te Fiti, who assumed the form of a lush green island. Langkawi has its very own version of this, the Dayang Bunting island, or ‘Pregnant Maiden’ island, named because it appears to take on the form of a pregnant woman lying down. The famous lake that lies next to the island is one of the main attractions of the park, but there are also mangroves and caves accessible by foot or kayak that are worth exploring. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to get close to monkeys, so remember to hide the snacks! Case in point: we only had one packet of biscuits with us, and that was quickly snatched away! If you’re lucky you might spot other forms of wildlife, like the rather elusive hornbill.

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