Here’s When Japan’s Cherry Blossoms Will Bloom In 2019

It’s earlier than expected, so start booking your trips!

There are many reasons to travel to Japan at least once in your life, and one of the most compelling ones is to watch the cherry blossoms or sakura in bloom.

Photo: Unsplash

The spectacle of nature attracts visitors from all over the country and the world; with many taking the entire day just to watch the beautiful flowers transform the trees into an ephemeral, fairytale-like sea of pink.

With such popularity, you can bet that the Japan Meteorological Corporation works to forecast exactly when their famous trees will bloom each year so that visitors can plan their trips.  In 2019, this is coming earlier than usual, with the first blooms predicted to appear on March 18 on Shikoku, and March 22 in Tokyo– approximately a whole 4 days earlier than expected.

The rest of the cities are expected to see their first blossomings on:

● Kochi: March 18
● Fukuoka: March 20
● Tokyo: March 22
● Nagoya: March 22
● Hiroshima: March 23
● Wakayama: March 24
● Kyoto: March 25
● Osaka: March 27
● Kagoshima: March 28
● Kanaawa: April 2
● Nagano: April 9
● Sendai: April 9
● Aomori: April 24
● Sapporo: May 4

However, the trees generally take about a week to reach the peak of their beauty, when they are said to be in full bloom.

That means that tis year, Tokyo’s cherry blossoms are predicted to reach full bloom on March 29which conveniently happens to be on a Friday and allows for a weekend of cherry blossom viewing. The best cherry blossom-viewing weekend predictions for other cities are as follows:

● Kochi: March 23-24
● Fukuoka: March 30-31
● Kyoto: April 6-7
● Osaka: April 6-7
● Sendai: April 13-14
● Aomori: April 27-28
● Sapporo: May 11-12