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FEMALE’s Travel Choice Awards

Most Stylish Handbag

Photography: Save My Bag



Choosing function over style while travelling is such a bummer and we’re pretty sure most women bring way too many things while travelling – whether it’s just a short road trip or a month-long vacation. Fortunately, Save My Bag saves us from the ultimate sacrifice we’re forced to make! Designed and crafted in Bergamo, Italy, the timeless formed bags are playful with a smart, contemporary look, they come in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns with multiple customised embellishments you can accessories your bag with. Here’s why we love them.

1. Resilient

Made with soft, lightweight and durable Italian Poly-Fabric with Lycra, it’s the easiest choice for us when travelling to multiple destinations. Plus, it’s rainproof, so no worries there!

2. Spacious

Save My Bag bags are spacious and the Principe style – perfect for vacations, is their largest size and it’s everything a girl with hundreds of essentials and an eye for style could wish for!

Photography: Save My Bag

3. Customisable

We’re not always able to customise and personalise our travel bags. That’s why Save My Bag takes the crown at being the most stylish, though it could be quite a challenge to decide on one style when you’ve got an array of choices from fabrics down to the little charming details to pick from!

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