8 Asia-Pacific Airbn-ski Locations For The Perfect Winter Getaway!

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Wanna try something new in 2018? How about a ski trip to start with?

Photo by Aaron Benson on Unsplash

Yes, your next trip is going to be an unforgettable winter hangout at these must-visit ski routes from Japan to New Zealand. You don’t need to pack your luggage to Europe to feel the cold mountain air on your face – the guys at Airbnb have curated these skiing hot spots located right on our Asia-Pacific doorstep.

Whether it’s enjoying an adrenaline-pumping ski ride or feasting your eyes to the beautiful scenic view on top of the snowy hill, you can be sure you’re going to have a wonderful trip and a trip wouldn’t be complete without the perfect lodging. Check out these amazing Airbnbs located at APAC’s best ski spots for your next snowy adventure!

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