5 Unique Places To Celebrate The New Year

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There is so much pressure to show off one’s New Year’s Eve (NYE) celebration these days. Fireworks, parties and feasting are now considered mainstream. For many, watching the famous ball drop in the middle of New York’s Times Square is probably the most prominent NYE celebration that comes to mind.

But for those looking to ring in the new year while immersing in a totally different cultural backdrop, here’s five places to put on your list.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand – Light up your 2018

With 2018 happening over a long weekend, hop on a short 3-hour flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand and join in the yearly tradition of sending up clouds of lanterns to welcome the new year.

To make sure you’re at the centre of all the action, stay at a hotel along Tha Pae Road, where you can find an array of shops, eateries and massage parlours. Purchase your own lantern from one of the street vendors and head over to the main square. As the clock strikes 12, the night sky bursts into life as locals release their wishes and hopes for the year ahead. Talk about an Instagram-perfect moment.

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