5 Places in Malaysia You Should Go When You’re Going through a Breakup

So, just got your heart broken and you’re going through another dreaded breakup. What do you do now?

Photo: ingimage

Photo: ingimage

You’re on your bed slouching playing with your phone whether you should give him a call or not, and Netflix has already compiled your favourite shows for a full blown marathon. Yeah, you’re allowed to mourn the love that’s no longer there but for how long? You eventually need to get out of the house and live.

Cast aside your feelings and surround yourself with new and exciting experiences so you can finally stop focusing on your ex! Don’t believe us? Pack your bag and hit one of these five places to get over your breakup:

Perhentian Kecil

What’s a better way to mend a broken heart than to get away to a secluded island? Not only can the island offer you its crystal blue waters and the sun, but the small island is never short to offer you bunch of activities to occupy your mind with.

Go on a snorkelling trip for less than RM50 or scuba dive at Coral Bay, Shark Point and Turtle Bay if you have a diving license since Perhentian Kecil is known for having beautiful diving sites in Asia. Go on a sea kayak and row your way around the island, or do some little island hopping if there’s time.
If you want to get loose, Long Beach on Perhentian Kecil is a definite place to dance your ass off and meet new backpacker friends from around the world!


Emotional eaters, this is the time for you to go all out until your hearts’ content because Penang is known for its affordable hawker food paradise! Offering the best of Malay, Chinese, and Indian delicacies, Penang is also known for its heritage sites and beautiful temples. Go ahead and discover more of our history around Penang or do a little soul searching visiting the Buddhist temples.

You can also take some cute pictures with cat murals at Armenian Street while enjoying the heat with ice balls or coconut ice cream. Penang also offer heritage boutique hotels which are a right fitting for your Instagram feed!


Langkawi to us is like Sin City in America minus the gambling scene and replace it to the beach. If one is planning to get sloshed up and drink until oblivion, then this island off the Kedah coast is a place to go. With its duty free zone (cheap alcohol and chocolates!), Malaysians go there to party. And when we say party, we mean, really party.

After you’re done curing the hangover, wind yourself down at the beach or take a dive at the lake of Pulau Dayang Bunting. If you’re into deadly carnivores in its wild, you can feed the eagles on a boat and also enter the cold blooded nature of the Snake Sanctuary in Langkawi.


This quaint little city is an ideal place to go to get away from it all, all the way across the sea. But don’t underestimate Kuching by being small; this little feisty city serves a hot night scene.

Besides that, take a tour to Semenggoh Nature Reserve where you can spend some time with Orangutans and learn more about the precious endangered animals at The Great Orangutan Project.


If your break coincidentally falls in mid July, book your flight ticket to Kuching and head yourself to Rainforest World Music Festival! Dance and sweat your butt off with your new friends while enjoying cultural music all around the world. This is the time to ignore all responsibilities for a couple of days because you deserve it.


Don’t underestimate this state from the east coast, because Pahang offers the best of both worlds from the hills of Genting Highlands to the sunny beach of Cherating. Known for its seafood and reserved forest of Taman Negara, Pahang is definitely a good place to relax and have your ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ moment with the nature.


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Club Med in Cherating is a paradise, but if you’re not into the sandy beach then Time Capsule Retreat at Sungai Lembing is definitely a place for you. About an hour drive from Sungai Lembing is the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary where you bathe and ride on the elephant while it takes a shower. Mend that broken heart with a little bit of elephant lovin’!


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