5 Lesser Known Japanese Dishes You Need To Get To Know

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There’s plenty of reasons to love Japan, and not least of all for their food!

Known for the freshest ingredients, subtle flavour combinations, seasonal focus, and exquisite presentation, the food of Japan has always played a distinctive and central role in the country’s culture. Even now, it’s instantly recognisable and globally beloved. In 2013, Japan’s iconic cuisine was recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage– the only other country besides France to receive this accolade.

And while you may be familiar with tempura, sushi, ramen, and the like, here are a few food tours featuring lesser-known Japanese culinary treasures we think you should get to know.

Be introduced to these amazing culinary inventions through tours from Walk Japan, a pioneer in guided walking tours to the nation. Carefully curated, all their tours are adventures exploring not just the sights of Japan, but the breadth and depth of authentic Japanese cuisine, from sushi and tempura, to delicious farmhouse fare and rare morsels found in each region, town or village.

1. Sake

Boutique sakes complement every evening meal and no two are ever the same. Get to know the ancient drink through tours across breweries throughout Japan, such as the Oita Hot Spring Trail, Kunisaki Retreat and Nakasendo Way. Here you can learn about how this drink, Japan’s libation to the gods (Your Name, anyone?), is meticulously created and sample the master brewer’s best grades. Learn how to pair sake with your meals and you’ll never look back.

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