5 Hotels You Can Bring Your Pet Along To In Malaysia

If you’re a pet owner like me, you’ll understand that pitiful look your furry friends give you when you leave them at grandma’s or a pet hotel. But it doesn’t have to be that way at these animal-friendly stays; bring your four-legged companion along on an adventure that both of you will never forget!

1. Muntri Mews Residence, Georgetown, Penang

In Penang, we checked into Muntri Mews, where furkids are welcomed too ❤️

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Muntri Mews is a boutique accommodation located in the heart of Georgetown. Furnished in Peranakan and Edwardian designs, the guesthouse makes a spacious and homely holiday spot. Best of all, it has its own pet-friendly café, Mews Cafe, which serves local delicacies. During holiday season, this place can be quite packed but you can always head to its sister hotel Muntri Grove instead.


2. Clove Hall, Georgetown, Penang

Breakfast with Aurora

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This charming Anglo-Malay bungalow-turned-B&B is owned by couple Jo and Jim Lim. Tucked away on a quiet street in Georgetown, the bungalow is split into six suites, three of which can accommodate a family of up to five each, and of course, your dog too! Your stay at Clove Hall will come with top-notch service guaranteed, including freshly-, home-cooked breakfasts and afternoon tea. If your pet would like a whiskered welcome, Jo and Jim’s friendly poodle George makes regular visits to the guesthouse too!


3. Ruby’s Resort, Cherating, Pahang

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If you’re looking for a beach side ‘home away from home’ for you and your pet, look no further. Ruby’s Resort is popular with the canines as it’s located right on the beach and isolated from crowded areas, thus offering the perfect play area! The rooms are housed in basic wooden chalets, but this place provides all the amenities you might need, including a kitchenette.


4. The Dusun, Negeri Sembilan

Look who wants to go shopping.

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The view from our new reception towards the Berembun house and upper pool.

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This jungle retreat comprises five ‘houses’, three of which are dog-friendly (the Berembun, Tembusu and Emas House). It is home to a litter of adorable cats as well as many other four legged and fin-ned creatures. Visitors can trek to the nearby waterfall, go bird-watching or visit the Deer Park. If you’re planning on taking your pet with you, bring your own pet bowl and bedding along as animals are not allowed on the furniture. Also, make sure they’re well behaved and leashed in public areas.


5. Sea Gypsy Village Resort, Pulau Sibu, Johor

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Water dogs are bound to be delighted with this rustic island retreat. Hop on a ferry and take your best friend with you* to frolic and relax in the sun. The resort is also a dive base, so if you love exploring marine wildlife, this is the place for you! It should be noted that there are rules to be strictly followed; if your pet has an anxiety problem or tends to be a little wild, this may not be the place for them.

*Note: Animal transportation from the mainland to the island has to be arranged in advance with the ferry.


If you have other fur-friendly venues that you’ve visited, don’t forget to drop us a line in our comments section below.

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