4 Must-Visit Places To Go For If You’re A Jane Austen Fan

Ever wanted to walk the halls of Mr. Darcy’s Pemberly mansion or walk along the seaside where Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth enjoyed their walks? Now you can!

This marks Jane Austen’s’, our all time favourite British novelist, 200th anniversary since her death. In conjunction with this, the British Airways have selected four places in the UK for travellers from Malaysia to explore ‘Austen land’ as we call it. You’ll be able to visit sites like the Hampshire, Bath, Lyme Regis, and Sheffield as those places have inspired and played an important role in her work and life.

“Jane Austen is one of the greatest novelists in English literature. There is no better way than visiting places that had once played an important role in her life to celebrate her works. We encourage travellers from Malaysia to take advantage of the great fares and create their own trips to remember.” said Vivian Tan-Loh, British Airways’ country manager for Malaysia.

They are offering return flight fares from Kuala Lumpur to London starts from MYR 2,964* for World Traveller economy and MYR 5,407 for World Traveller Plus premium economy class. With their most technologically advanced aircraft Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, you’ll arrive in London early in the afternoon and can easily make a transit onto the metro to begin your Austen journey!

Here’s what you can expect at the four main must-visit spots for Jane Austen fans:



1. Hampshire

Hampshire is home to Jane Austen as she was born and rested there. Located in a queit village called Chawton, you can take a tour of the Jane Austen’s House Museum. This was the place where Austen dedicated her time to write and revise six of her famous novels –  “Sense & Sensibility”, “Pride & Prejudice” and “Northanger Abbey”, “Mansfield Park”, “Emma” and “Persuasion”. With daily opening hours, you can also visit Austen’s country home built in the 17th century. Since it’s such a significant place, the county is hosting a ‘Jane Austen 200’ to celebrate her with activities that include special exhibitions, tours, talks, and performances to honour the novelist. Here at Hampshire, you’ll be able to enjoy a perfect blend of city, coast and country.

2. Bath

Jane Austen used to live in Bath from 1801 to 1806, walk in her footsteps through the city and have a go with a free audio walking tour. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beautiful Georgian architecture as described in Austen’s novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. After the scenic walk, you can help yourself over at the Regency Tea Room to have the ‘Tea with Mr.Darcy’ platter. Enjoy delicious finger sandwiches, homemade cakes with a pot of tea all this whilst dressing up in a Regency costume for the full Austen experience.

Those flying with the British Airways can get a free train ride from London to Bath as they’ve partnered up with the Great Western Railway.

3.  Lyme Regis

Want to see more of the beach side? Head on over to Lyme Regis. This was Jane Austen’s go to place during summer vacation as she came here twice with her family. The charming coastal town also made an impact to Austen as she used it as a setting for Persuasion. The book is said to be Austen’s most autobiographical book. You can walk along the famous the Cobb harbour and reimagine Austen’s inspirations.

4. Sheffield

The fictional Chatsworth house located in Pemberley from Pride and Prejudice, where Mr.Darcy resides is actually believed to have been inspired by the picturesque Chatsworth House Bakewell in Derbyshire. Currently, the estate is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire but the public can visit and have a look at its 105 acres of gardens, 30 lavish rooms and one of Europe’s largest collections of art. The country house provided exterior and interiors for Mr. Darcy’s mansion in Pemberley for the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. This place is great if you’re a lover of art!


Photography: British Airways

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