Bookworms Can Unite at Bangsar’s Urban Community Library

Love books, or  scouting for a new #OOTD backdrop? Bangsar’s Kurau Community Library is where you should head next.


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From an exterior view, Kurau Community Library disguises itself as a home that has been designed with architect Tadao Ando in the back of the architects’ minds. By merging concrete and natural lighting into play, the building has actually been serving itself as a library-student accommodation hybrid since 2014!


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It has been said that the premise was designed by Tetawowe Atelier and had a helping hand from Malaysian landscape architect Ng Sek San. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s one of the masterminds behind the community library, as one of Ng SekSan’s designs, the Sekeping Tenggiri retreat, is located within the area too.

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Also known as L45, the building provides eight slots of student housing for those who study within the area. The building was designed with the intention of merging both public and private spaces together- an interesting concept!

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Even if you’re not a bookworm at heart, you should drop by Bangsar’s very own community library for a very special experience with your friends. You’ll gain new memories and a ton of likes in your latest Instagram update!


By Nadrah Ahmad Kamal

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