It’s World Kindness Day!

Lets spread some generosity on this blessed occasion.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. – Aesop

Today, (November 13th to be exact) is World Kindness Day! A day where we can spread positivity and channel it by giving back to society. As kindness is a fundamental part of living in a community, it needs constant boosting to have it permanently embedded in our society. The end goal is never to expect anything in return; just the beautiful genuine act of being kind. Of course we shouldn’t have to wait for this annual celebration to act good. If we can find a common ground, overlook our differences and with a bit of practice and sincerity, our world can be a much better place! 

Here at FEMALE, we believe in the Act of Random Kindness (ARK). Here are some of the team’s ARK tales to chip in the bill for the supreme good of the world. Instead of just expecting others to be kind to you, let’s make the first move. Trust us, even the smallest act will touch someone one way or another. Don’t forget, do share with us how you’ve done something small to make a difference or how someone’s small deed has made a difference to you and you never know, your story itself might inspire someone out there to be kind. 

Arielle Yen, Editorial Assistant

“I think the kindest thing my best friend and I have done for each other was simply to be there for one another, no matter what. To this day, I’ve always got her back and she’s always got mine, whether it’s a shoulder to cry on after a breakup, or being a major motivator before a huge exam, assignment or job interview.”

Photography: Pinterest

Tammy Chan, Editorial Assistant

“I’m not a big eater, so every time I go to McDonalds, I’ll order the Happy Meal. One thing I’ve made a point to do after finishing my Happy Meal was to take the toy and give it to the nearest kid I can find. It makes them happy and it makes me happy that they get something extra to play with. Bonus: if the parents give me a big smile and say thank you, then my day is officially made.”

Photography: Tumblr

Alya Zulkernai, Editorial Assistant

“I remember feeling quite content and happy after I saved a kitty from getting hit by a car. The car had screeched to a halt but the cat just froze, too scared to move and it caused quite a traffic commotion. I happened to be in the area, and normally would just let someone else deal with it but somehow that day I felt like I had to do something. So I quickly went across the road and grabbed the poor kitty out of the way. And got a thank you from the driver and a meow from the cat (which I presumed meant ‘thanks’ too). That definitely made my day!”


Joan Kong, Senior Fashion Writer

“I always make it a point to give a lift to any old uncles and aunties I see (who needs a ride) around my neighbourhood!”

 Photography: Pinterest

Ilicia Alias, Special Projects Writer

“It never dawned on me that random acts of kindness truly affects a person until I encountered an incident on the tram in Melbourne. It was packed with people as it was rush hour and I glanced over at a lady struggling to balance herself on the tram. She was young so I didn’t think I had to give up my seat for her (“rational”, I know), but I was compelled to offer the seat, so I did, reluctantly. She gleamed with joy and I went on my merry way, strolling Instagram. As I got to my stop, she called for me and offered to buy coffee. Somehow, everything my parents taught me about receiving gifts from strangers came flooding back, so I politely declined.  She insisted, and gave me a $30 H&M voucher (I mean who would say no to clothes right? plus the voucher was expiring). So, random acts of kindness pays (pun intended)”


Joanna Pinto, Special Projects Writer

“I was queuing up at the Auto Pay machine and the person in front of me didn’t have any small change (neither did I have enough to trade with his RM50). So I offered to pay for his parking ticket. He was really shocked cos he didn’t expect me to and couldn’t stop thanking me for being so nice.”


Vasenta Selvanayagam, Deputy Features and Lifestyle Editor

“The magic about being kind is that when you show kindness to others, the universe has a way of returning the favour to you. 10 years ago, I took in a stray cat and decided to make it mine. I gave it a home, fed it food and even neutered it. Little did I know, that a few years back when I wasn’t well, my cat was my biggest source of comfort. He sat everyday beside me, slept with me (this is a little unusual) and even placed his paw on my chest when I was in bed. And the moment I got better, he stopped doing all of this. So ladies, be kind to every person and animal in your life. You never know when you’ll need someone or something to help you feel better in life”

Photography: Tumblr