Get Your Groove On With These Deepavali Tunes

Happy Deepavali!



Brightly coloured decors, scrumptious food, and happy faces of families and friends capture the very spirit of Deepavali. But let’s be honest here, no Deepavali celebration will be complete without the rhythmic dance songs that move your body like never before. So gear up in your festive saree and dance your way to our five fab Deepavali song picks!


1. THR Raagavil – Deepavali Kalakathuthu!

2. Raagavin Deepavali by THR Raaga

3. Ajith Kumar – My Role Model In Thala Deepavali

4. Muddina Maava – Deepavali Deepavali

5. Manggala Oliveesum – Deepa Raagaa

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