Creative Christmas Gift Ideas To DIY  

Want to get something for your friends and family without breaking the bank? Here are four handy tutorials to get you started on your DIY project(s).

Photography: BuzzFeed

Photography: BuzzFeed



Planning to personalise your Christmas gifts (read: do it yourself) cos you’re on a tight budget this month? There’s nothing wrong with that and imagine this: you receive a present from a friend and upon opening it, discover that it’s hand-made! Now, there are usually two reactions; you have a pleasantly-surprised look on your face cos you like what you see or you have an internal monologue that goes something like, “Oh, God! How should I react without hurting his/her feelings?” Truth is DIY gifts are tricky. Period! It’s a talent few people possess, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt them cos they make awesome pressies when done right (again, they don’t burn a hole in your pocket!). From personal-care packages to creative customised items, trust these DIY YouTubers who have nailed hand-made gifts to a T.

Add a twist to the traditional mug for your pals by trying this water-marble design.



Can’t narrow down what to get for your loved ones? Well, you don’t have to with this personalised-care package. Fill it up with all their fave things whether it’s makeup or stationery.



Have a jewellery-enthusiast friend? Then customise a jewellery box to stash all her dainty accessories.




Notebooks don’t seem like a popular choice but put your own spin on it by adding minimalist art decorations.



Already picked out presents for your loved ones? If you’ve got a bigger budget, perhaps you’d want to consider going the extra mile by taking your gift-wrapping skills to the next level. Let Rebecca Tan show you how it’s done!

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