5 Reasons To Catch One Of The Greatest Romantic Ballet ‘Giselle’ Live in KL

A night of melodious music and spellbinding dance moves, KL’s about to be enchanted by the classic ballet performance – Giselle. Organised by the Dance Works Production, this full-length ballet of the Romantic era will be held at the Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya KL on 30th June (8:30pm) and 1st July (3pm) 2018. If you love ballet or want to experience watching a romantic ballet with a dark twist, this is a show not to be missed. Ahead we’ve listed 5 reasons why you should totally book a seat for Giselle.

1. The romantic storyline

Giselle tells a tale of a peasant girl named Giselle who dies of a broken heart after discovering the true identity of her lover Albrecht and knowing that he is betrothed to another. The Wilis, a group of supernatural women who died a virgin jilted on their wedding day. The spirits would dance men to death. They summoned Giselle from her grave and targets her lover but Giselle’s great love frees him from their quest. It has romance, betrayal, death, and redemption – a quintessential theme in the classical arts, which makes this hauntingly romantic performance to watch live.

2. A classic

Giselle was first performed in Paris in 1841 by the Ballet du Théâtre de l’Académie Royale de Musique. It became highly popular since and it’s known as one of the romantic ballet of all time. Giselle transformed the dance world while remaining at the centre of the classical repertory.

3. World class act

The ballet will star Misa Kuranaga from Boston Ballet as the guest lead role, Giselle. She was recently nominated for the “Oscars of Ballet” Benois de la Danse Award. In 2006, Misa was the senior Gold Medal winner at the USA International Ballet Competition and was listed in the Dance Magazine’s ’25 to watch’ in the same year. This will be Misa’s first performance in Malaysia.


4. Music to the ears.

Ballet tells the story through a series of elegant body movements accompanied by enticing scores. Immerse yourself in Giselle through the original scores by the prolific opera and French composer Adolphe Adam. Listen as the smooth cantilena plays to set the mood and evoke emotions for both the ballerinas and the audience to capture each act exquisitely.

Fun fact: Adolphe wrote the music for Giselle in just two months. Music to the ears (literally)!

5. For a good cause

Dance Works Production has staged 12 major productions in Malaysia since 1998. This non-profit organisation is big in giving back to society by assisting local charities. Since 1998, they have raised RM540K for 21 local charity groups.

In this round, Yayasan Sin Chew, Selangor, and Federal Territory Association for the Mentally Handicapped, Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia, and Academy for Silent Mentor are the beneficiaries from Giselle 2018.

We’re giving away two pairs of tickets each worth RM336 to watch Giselle on 1st July (3pm) at Istana Budaya. All you have to do is tag a friend in the comment section of our Giselle Instagram and Facebook post. Easy!

Contest ends on 31st May 2018.

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