Yuna is The New Voice for Waze

Let Yuna sing to you the road directions with her sweet airy voice.


Yuna could sing to us her life problems and we wouldn’t get bored, so what’s more to it when it’s announced that Yuna will be the new voice for Waze. Calpis, Japan’s cultured milk drink brand has teamed up with Waze to bring Yuna’s voice to us! Being the brand ambassador of the cultured milk, Yuna wishes to bring a little fun while being stuck in traffic, “I also hope that Malaysians stay safe on the roads. Keep calm in traffic, take breaks on long journeys and have some Calpis in between to refresh yourselves!”

Somehow we can’t wait to use our Waze back home from the rush hour traffic today.

How To Get Yuna’s Voice On Waze:
1. Download Waze from either the iOS or Android store
2. Launch the Waze app and press the bottom left finder icon
3. Choose the settings button on the top left corner
4. Under Advanced Settings, select Sound, then Voice Language
5. Under Voice Language choose English (UK) – Yuna

*These instructions are based on the Waze iOS app.