We found the best cases for your Samsung GALAXY S6

Just how long can you last without dropping your phone?


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Introducing OtterBox, an American electronics accessory company that manufactures protective solutions (aka cases) for our smartphone and tablet devices. Specially designed for those who spend most of their time outdoors, their cases are all water-resistant, just like an Otter (hence the name)!

The usual case comes with built-in layers of protection and finished with a rugged construction outlook. This helps as they’re mostly known for being the ultimate ‘shield’ for that expensive smartphone we all own.

OtterBox have recently unveiled 3 different series of stylish cases for the new Samsung GALAXY S6, and trust us when we say that they come complete with the utmost protection any of you will ever imagine!

Otterbox Galaxy S6 Symmetry - AP Pink

1. Defender Series, RM199

Doesn’t the name just scream ‘SUIT OF ARMOR’? The thickest out of the three series, the Defender collection consists of triple-layered, ultra-rugged cases built for the most adventurous types. These heavy duty cases are made to block debris, dust and grime. Perfect for any of our adrenaline-rush type of outdoor activities!

Otterbox Galaxy S6 Commuter - Purple Amethyst

2. Commuter Series, RM159

This one is suitable for the everyday user. With its tight-fitting port covers and dual defensive layers, this sleek and sturdy two-piece case offers two layers of protection: the durable silicone layer and the polycarbonate outer layer. In return, it provides solid protection without being bulky — unlike the Defender.

Otterbox Galaxy S6 - Aqua Sky

3. Symmetry Series, RM159

These cases are stylish, lightweight and pocket-friendly. While they are not as rugged and bulky as the other two, they still serve the same purpose of protecting your phone just the same. Especially with their dual material construction that makes the case extra solid and durable despite its sleek texture.

For more info, visit www.otterbox.asia

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