The Sims Will Now Discard All Gender Boundaries

Our favourite childhood game is finally giving representation to the LGBTQA+ community.


Photo: The Sims

Everybody with basic computer skills has at least played The Sims once in their lifetime, right? If you haven’t, then you must’ve gotten a great childhood outside because this game was the sole responsible of consuming 90% of our childhood and teenage years (even now… sometimes).

With our time mostly spent on curating our own Sim, keying in cheat codes to build the sickest crib in town and then possibly killing your Sim that you worked so hard on. We’re sadists like that. This year, The Sims 4 has unlocked the gender customisation option that have pushed all gender binary standards, giving representation to the LGBTQA+ community.


Photo: The Sims

This gender customisation update means you can significantly select 700 pieces of content including clothing, hair, visual, makeup, and jewellery options across both genders that seems fitting to you. You’ll also be able to curate their walk style and tone of voice regardless of their gender! Now you can have the vast option on making your Sim androgynous, gender fluid, non binary, transgender, and many more. Diversity and representation in games? You betcha.

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