How Much Will The iPhone 7 Cost in South East Asia?

Let’s see if the most talked about phone of 2016 is worth its price


We could easily say that iPhone has became the most iconic tech gadget in the millennial generation. It’s minimal, it’s clean, it’s easy to function, and the security is top notch. But are Apple’s new releases of their latest generation iPhones worth its steep price?

According to iPrice, a price comparison site in seven major countries in South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong King) made a survey to find out how much the iPhone 7 with the lowest GB (32gb) would cost.


Photo: iprice

By averaging the cost offered by merchants in each country in USD, iPrice has found that the iPhone 7 would be cheapest in Singapore ($749) and Malaysia ($900 = approximately RM3,721.18). Though it’s not so lucky when it comes to the other countries as it almost double the initial cost in Indonesia ($1,268) and Thailand ($1,340).


Photo: iprice

Taking in account the affordability of the iPhone, the smartphone averaged each country’s personal income and found that it would take a Vietnamese more than 104 days to afford an iPhone 7 and an Indonesian more than 87 days.

According to iTechPost, the iPhone 7 range is expected to release in Malaysia at the arrival date of 14th October. So, will you purchase an iPhone 7 next or will you still be using your old iPhone?

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