Motorola is Bringing Back Their Iconic Razr Flip Phone

We can finally answer our phone in style.


To those who are constantly in a mid noughties nostalgia, our used to be favourite phone brand Motorola is bringing back their iconic Razr flip phone. Yes, you heard us right.

While literally everybody has a flat screen phone in their hands, analysts have long predicted the popular phone will make a comeback. With Samsung taking the lead on incorporating smart phones into flip phones, flip phones has resurfaced in the public eye again when Rihanna, Anna Wintour and Kate Beckinsale were spotted with flip phones in public. Hey, even Adele jumped in the flip phone bandwagon in her ‘Hello’ music video.

Motorola was at its peak during the release of the Razr phone, selling 130 million units worldwide, it’s no surprise Motorola is bringing back mobile phone’s most iconic model.

Motorola even has dropped a teaser video of their Razr, bringing us back during high school times where they brought nostalgic teenage touchstones like bedazzled phones, emo hairstyle and of course, Boys Likes Girls’ ever so popular ‘The Great Escape’.

“Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future,” reads a caption of the video and followed by a “TTYL” at the end of the video to refer the unveil of the new phone in 9th June 2016. The phone brand doesn’t reveal much about their revamped phone, but we all know that it’ll run on Android and is equipped with touch screen.

Will this comeback overthrow Iphone in the smartphone heir? Hardly doubt it but we don’t mind some diversity in our mobile phone selection.

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