Instagram’s New Slideshow Feature is Awesome

First Insta-stories, then Live videos. Recently it feels Instagram has been adopting features from Snapchat and Facebook, but now it’s has rolled out a new feature that’s entirely its own: slideshows. Users can now share multiple photos and videos in a single post!

Have you ever spent too much time staring at your camera roll, trying to decide which version of a photo you should upload? Now you can upload up to 10 photos and videos in a slideshow! And there’s no fear of spamming your followers’ feeds with a stream of your photos as all the photos appear in a single post.

Imagine the possibilities!  Your creativity’s the limit when it comes to your slideshows. Tell a story, flipbook-style, with your 10 photos. Snap a recipe step-by-step. Show off your #OOTDs for an entire week in a single post. Take a selfie every hour and see how you’ve changed throughout the day!

Select multiple!

Once you get the update, you’ll see an option to select multiple images on the upload screen. Choose up to 10 photos by tapping on them!

The only photo editing you’ll be able to do for now is to select a filter. No contrast or exposure adjustments here! You can’t select different filters for different photos either – the same filter will apply to every photo in your slideshow.





And here’s what a finished slideshow looks like:

In your own feed, you’ll know if a post contains multiple photos if you see blue dots at the bottom of the posts. Just swipe to see the rest of the photos.

Fun times!