4 Ways to Power Up Your Life With Innergie

We live in the tech age, but it can get pretty bothersome trying to organise all your devices. Here’s how Editorial Assistant, Arielle Yen felt when she discovered these new devices!

Packing for trips can be hard enough as it is, but include all your tech on-the-go needs – phone, laptop, tablet and all the chargers and cables that come with them – and you’ve got a lot more weight to bear (literally!) But after I got my hands on the ‘Traveller’s Power Pack’ that consists of the PowerGear ICE 65, LifeHub Plus and WizardTip, things became a little easier.

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The PowerGear ICE 65 can be used individually to charge laptops (it comes with six laptop charger tips suitable for Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell and more), but attaching it to the WizardTip allows you to connect one extra USB-powered device. You can get three more extra ports if you attach the LifeHub Plus to the WizardTip.


From left to right: the PowerGear ICE 65, LifeHub Plus and WizardTip

I put these products to the test, and here’s what I thought about the devices:

  1. Charging is much more convenient

I liked how everything was in one place; usually, I have my phone charging on one side of my room, my laptop on the other side and my power bank charging somewhere in the middle. With the WizardTip and PowerGear ICE 65, I had all my devices in one place. However, the PowerGear ICE 65 doesn’t have a charger tip for Apple laptops.




  1. The products are adaptable

There are different plugs and laptop tips to suit the country you’re in. The PowerGear ICE 65’s interchangeable plugs are suitable for over 150 countries combined, so you can take it anywhere without having to fuss over purchasing different adapters.


  1. They’re compact

The products are much more compact than the chargers you’d normally use with your laptops, and the wires aren’t as long and tangled as well. What I like is that the separable parts for the WizardTip and PowerGear ICE 65 come with a little drawstring bag to store everything neatly and carry around easily


  1. They’re great for sharing

Travelling with a friend or family member? Instead of having to walk all around trying to find different power outlets, you could all just park yourself in one spot and conveniently charge all your devices together. I was able to charge both my dad’s and my phones simultaneously with the LifeHub.


  1. They’re speedy

My phone charged pretty quickly – about 20 per cent in 10 minutes or less. The products are made to charge speedily whilst being convenient.

The Traveller’s Power Pack retails at RM407, with a limited promotional price of RM325.60 (items also sold separately). Find all items at selected retailers or lazada.com.my/innergie for discounted prices! 

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