FEMALE Tries: Two Great Cameras For Travel

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2. Fujifilm X-A3

Price: RM2,888

Reviewed by Tammy Chan, Features & Lifestyle Writer

“I’m not one to carry cameras along on vacations because they’ve always seemed to be too much of a hassle. Nonetheless, I’m so glad I brought the X-A3 with me during my trip to Europe. Why? Because my phone gave up on me halfway through and the only thing I had to rely on to take pictures was this camera.

More than just a selfie camera, this new and updated follow-up to the X-A2 comes with a 3-inch LCD touch screen that tilts 180 degrees. This is a feature I love because I get to see how I can pose without being the one behind the camera. So all I had to do was tell my mum where to stand, which button to press and ta-da! I got the shot I wanted easily without having to do multiple takes.

Not only was the camera stylish and fashionable, it also comes in this gorgeous pink shade that turned heads wherever I went. To be honest, while I may not have used this camera for most of my selfie shots, it was comforting to know that whenever I did, I was able to use the self-timer function (including Smile Detection, Buddy Timer and Group Timer)!

Another feature I appreciated was its built-in Wi-Fi ability to connect to the Instax SHARE printer for instant printing. Since I already have an Instax Mini with me, it was the perfect way to collect my travel memories and to keep them for future scrapbooking purposes.”

From the print edition.

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