6 Ways To Save Your Smartphone Battery from Dying

Oh, that menacing red bar!

It’s awesome that smartphones are getting, well, smarter, but the downside is, they drain up faster too – so much to do, so little battery life, right? Well, the good news is there are some things you can do to keep it going longer than it does now. That is, besides the usual tricks such as lowering the screen’s brightness, turning off push notifications, closing every app, etc. You know those, but did you know these?

smartphone battery life tips

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1. Turn off that vibrator

Yes, we mean the vibrating alerts (what were you thinking?). They eat up as much power as ringtones – if not, more. And it makes sense, considering it has to shake its whole body just to get your attention.

2. Go for dark wallpaper

We don’t even have to talk about animated ones, but did you know a bright and colourful (however static they are) wallpaper also uses more energy? BBC science presenter Steve Mould conducted an experiment and found that you can save as much as 21 per cent battery life just by changing to a dark wallpaper. Quite a difference, eh?

3. Free apps are (kinda) evil!

Sure, their F.O.C price tag makes us love them a ton, but unbeknown to us, they actually do cost us something: battery life. According to a research by Microsoft and Purdue University, free Android apps use a fair amount of energy due to the ads or user-tracking services running within them. Basically, that energy is used by your data connection and phone processor to download new ads whenever – even when you’re not using them.

smartphone battery life tricks

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4. Turn off everything!

And that means your GPS, Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, and even your ‘phone signal’. If you’re not using your GPS or Bluetooth, turn it off. If you have Wi-Fi, use it and turn off your 3G; the latter uses more energy. If Wi-Fi is unavailable, turn it off so it doesn’t try to search for one to connect – that drains power too. And similar to the no-WI-Fi case, if you’re going to be spending time in an area with poor (or lack of) reception (think: a concert in Bukit Jalil, for example), just switch your phone to Airplane mode. That way, you won’t be wasting your smartphone battery for, literally, nothing.

5. Update everything

Be it your phone’s OS or the apps themselves, those updates are meant to make them better, and that includes bug fixes and improvements to minimise battery usage. Just be sure to disable automatic updating so it doesn’t drain your smartphone when you’re out (and perhaps Wi-Fi-less).

6. Don’t charge it to 100%

That also means you shouldn’t leave it to charge overnight. It’s also best not to plug it in the charger after it has hit 0 per cent and blacked out. According to Gizmodo’s Eric Limer, you should ideally start charging your phone at 40 per cent until it hits 80 per cent. He added, “A bunch of tiny charges isn’t as bad as going from 100 down to zero all the time, but it’s not optimal either.”

Tip: If your phone becomes hot while in use, it could be a sign that your battery is in its final stages of life.


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